swag2If you are new to Choose The Good Life, I want to welcome you to a growing group of people committed to living better by living intentionally. While I write for anyone interested in fitness, good books, and good living, I often focus on my fellow Boomers who refuse to grow older with grace. I won’t define The Good Life for you but I bet it includes something of the items found in the sites menu. We live longer by being healthy, we continue to learn and to cultivate an inner life to live with intention and satisfaction, and we do all this while enjoying time with others and by exploring our world. Please click on the Follow tab found at the top right of most pages to receive and email update of when new posts are published,

With Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Glorious book!

You can unfollow anytime you like. You can also contact me using the About/Contact page. Thanks so much for coming by. Do stay, enjoy yourself, and engage with comments. We are all better when we help each other out.

A couple of things about the site:

I write two kinds of posts. One kind is a planned longish-form post on a topic. I publish these through the blog and then load then into the site’s pages.

I also – when I have time – write a lot of posts on topics that I generally think of on the spot. These tend to be shorter and less polished than my longer posts. I don’t usually capture them on pages and all are tagged with the keyword ‘Dailys’  so you can search for them.

Long-time followers will notice that I’ve cut out the science. I’m moving that to a new site as well once Choose The Good Life is up and running.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have. I have lots of opinions! But don’t worry – I hold few of them dear. I am busy like just about any modern guy so it might take a little time to get back to you.

So welcome and cheers! Let’s learn together.